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The Axia fund aims to provide maximum risk-adjusted returns while protecting investor capital by focusing on real estate assets with strong fundamentals and intrinsic value. We have concentrated on recession resilient real estate sectors that provide excellent opportunities for value creation. Our unique approach identifies real estate opportunities that have not previously been positioned correctly to maximize income potential and capture competitive disposition valuations.

The Axia Team

Managing Partners

The general partners bring a diverse track record of significant successes in investment ventures directly related to the target asset classes. Beyond real estate ventures, this team brings extensive experience in dynamic marketing and experience development which will be a key pillar of the fund’s unique value proposition. Each of the managers and general partners are personally investing as Class A Investors.

Strategic Partnerships

Axia is pleased to partner with dynamic leaders who bring unique operational expertise and broaden our community of excellence. With a focus on targeting consumer-centric asset classes, Axia benefits greatly from our partners’ experience in asset acquisition, sales, marketing, and culture curation.

Management Team

At Axia Partners, we are focused on coupling general partners’ gritty deal-making and operational experience with a best-in-class management team that can execute with precision. Our management team brings deep experience working with the most significant organizations in the global real estate and investment landscape, along with robust educational and professional pedigrees.

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