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Financial freedom can be your new reality with passive-earning, recession-resilient property investment. Are you ready to invest? The Axia Value Development Fund is now open.

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Our fund overview has all the details you need to get the big picture of how this fund is structured, what you can expect, and why this is a smart decision at the perfect time.

Value Development Fund Overview

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Seize the day, or regret tomorrow

Positioned for high returns

Commercial real estate demand is growing at an unprecedented rate as the demand for unique and convenient rental experiences expands in younger demographics. This is creating advantageous positioning for opportunistic, broad network-backed funds that can find and close exclusive deals for risk-adjusted returns in locations on a path of growth.

Steady growth over time

Meanwhile, certain types of properties that operate on leasing–like multi-family housing, storage, and RV parks–make particularly strong investments in the long term, because their constant income structure protects investors from rising inflation rates and recessions. These are the types of properties we target.

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Accredited Class B Investor Minimum 


Accredited Class A Investor Minimum 


Learn sophisticated investing. Skip all the rookie mistakes.

We do things a little differently. With Axia, you’re not just the money. You’re part of the team.


We say we’re different. But what does that mean?


A creative, executable operation strategy

Question: what happens when you combine risk-mitigation experience with an aggressive value-add strategy in untapped markets?

Answer: everyone wins–we create value for an underserved market while generating risk-adjusted returns that compound over time.

A system built for value and growth

Beginning, middle, and end, we ask how our decisions deliver more and more to you–our investors–and to the people who use, visit, and live at our properties. We know that growth creates growth. It’s a different mindset with a proven track record.

A partnership approach

We want you to be a part of ensuring your money does more for you. That’s why we approach investing as a partnership. When you invest, you join our community, learning, strategizing, and growing your own wealth and real estate investing expertise.


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